So a “successful photography blog” might not be what I have quite yet…probably because I’ve written like 3 posts…but, in time, I know it’ll get there. I love blogging…I’ve just never stuck with it long enough to actually become a blog. Now that I’ve found my passion, good ol’ photography, I think I finally have the drive.

I was “researching” photography blogging on my ever-so-trusty search engine, Pinterest, and came across a blog post by one of my favorite blogs, Sixth Bloom, called 5 Proven Strategies for a Successful Photography Blog, and I thought to myself, “hey, I love photography, I love strategies…let’s see what this Erin chick has to say”. Her post was so what I needed to jumpstart me and get organized. Everything from coming up with a preplan to organization to a few actual post words of advice…this Erin chick knows what she’s talking about.

So I finish reading the post. I’m all gung ho about starting the blog page on my website, which has been primarily more of a photography business site, and I sit down to write. And sit there. And sit there. Trust me…I have a lot to say, more than some people would like to listen, but I had no idea what to bloooooooooog about…cut to more studious research…enter Pinterest.


Some blog topic ideas from some pretty helpful other bloggers I found :


21 Blog Topic Ideas for Photographers by Hand Select Your Clients is a great list with a lot of good ideas. Probably my 2 favorite are : 

Why you became a photographer
How you prepare for a shoot


Summerana has a great post, 5 Topics to Blog About to your Clients to Help Grow your Photography Business.

Explain how you work
Give photoshoot advice


Those are obviously not all the post ideas I came across and I have my own ideas after brainstorming and getting inspired by, like, anything I see…but those are lists you should check out if you’re starting a photography blog. Some other posts I have planned in the future are a mix of artistic and business…fun fun!


Shooting my first wedding
Preparing for shooting a wedding
My editing workflow
Blogging tools and apps
Behind the Scenes with Sarah and Savannah (twin 9 year old clients…too cute)
Mini session ideas


I’m sure there are more I’m not thinking of right now, but that’s what’s jumping into my head at the moment. This post is seeming long and image-less. I’m putting a photo here just because. We’ll call it “behind the scenes at Meg and Roe Photography”. 


Finding my blogging voice.


Ok I’ve read like 826 things on target audience and appealing to your ideal client and blah blah blah…but it was kind of stressful trying to write to appease some fictitious person and it was totally hindering any progress I was making so I came up with a plan. When I’m really excited about something, I tell my 2 best friends, Kat & Linda, in our group text all about it. It’s so easy and fun to be totally you and enthusiastic that I decided to treat blog posts as texts to Kat & Linda. Don’t worry, a fair amount will be edited out.

My voice, whether in person or written, is very, VERY informal and familiar. I’ve tried being formal before…tried for years to work a “real job” and talk all grown-up-like. I was itchy all over. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to being formal and “appropriate”. So that’s not what I’m going to try to be here. I’m just going to be me. Sarcasm and all.




Now that I’ve got some inspiration from Sixth Bloom on the actual blogging process, some blog post ideas to start me off, and the enthusiasm…I’m ready to share all my photography adventures with all 8 people who will be reading this blog. Hey, mom.


If you’re super stoked to hear random stories about photography (and other creative things) and want to even learn a few things with me as I share what I learn…then we’re gonna be good friends.

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