You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Crafts projects you can look forward to!

Custom wooden signs
Woven tapestry wall hangings
Cricut projects (aka vinyl)
All things yarn
Sewing and fashion
Resin jewelry and randomness
Home decor
Web + graphic design
& more things I can’t think of right now.
Proof I'm a crafthead.

We all know I love photography,
but I’m a crafthead at heart.

I’m not secretive about this and hope to launch my creative blog, soon…it’s a blog about all things creative and it will be magical.

Whether it’s painting, weaving, desiging on the computer, Cricut fun, or sewing…there’s always an obsession to keep me busy, especially in this unreasonable weather.

I’ve had much luck selling my custom wooden signs for general decor and weddings for some time and I love doing custom orders. I recently got re-obsessed with weaving and have gotten a few orders for custom woven tapestry wall hangings.

I definitely prefer custom orders because I love making something unique for each client. And also, there’s only so much space in my happy place. I spend most of my time up here in my workshop and my friend Sarah once called me “an artistic madman”…she wasn’t wrong. Let’s just say if you have an idea, I’m happy to create it.

So where does this craft-magic happen?

This photo of my workshop does not even do it justice.
I’ve got everything you could possibly need to create…anything.
If Michael himself came to my workshop, he’d be like,
“dude you need to chill with the crafts.”

No, Michael, I don’t. And ps I’m legit the only reason you’re in business. You’re welcome.
And now…my workshop..

Products Available for Custom Orders 

Woven Tapestry Wall Hangings

Woven Tapestry Wall Hangings

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About our Wall Hangings

Custom wall hangings are bad*ss…excuse my language. I love them so much. You can make them so unique to your home and no one else could possibly have the same one. I’m known for color, but as long as I’m weaving, I’m happy. 

Custom Hangings

These hangings can range in size and shape. Depending on how big, the price also varies. If you like a specific yarn you’ve seen in another hanging of mine that is particularly expensive, I might have to charge a bit more if I don’t have any left. 

The hanging shown is about 18″ wide and (will be) about 2′ tall. All hangings are on wooden dowels. Sometimes they’re painted, sometimes natural wood…depends on what makes sense for the piece. 

The hanging shown would likely be $80 and an 11×14″, the most common size, will be $65. 

Email me! 

Custom Wooden Signs

Custom Wooden Signs

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About our Wooden Signs

I love making these signs. My abilities and resources have grown immensely since I started making them and I’m finally confident enough in them to offer them on my site. 

I have a fair amount of wood in the woodworking section of my workshop and a variety of styles. I also have a variety of stains for different feels and so much paint colors it’s kind of embarrassing. 

I either paint the words on or use vinyl, as well as graphics, and recently started transferring graphics/images.


I design the sign on the computer and send you a mock up for approval and then get to work. Every sign comes with hanging hardward or rope to hang. 

Each sign takes at MOST 2 weeks to finish. Prices vary from $25-?…depends on size. 

Custom Sings

I design the sign on the computer and send you a mock up for approval and then get to work. Every sign comes with hanging hardward or rope to hang.

Each sign takes at MOST 2 weeks to finish. Prices vary from $25-?…depends on size.

Email me!

Coming Soon

Resin pendant necklaces handmade Meg and Roe Photography

Items coming soon...

Currently obsessed with all things resin. I take orders for keychains of any color and letter, floral pendants, magnets, trinket dishes…really anything.

Blog coming!

Stay tuned for Lovely Little Projects coming soon. Tutorials and new projects galore.

So what can I make for you?

8 + 4 =

Or Email Me!

Want to talk about wedding signs or collaborate on decor? Check out the new blog! Feel free to email me. Trust me, I’m always down to talk crafts!

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