In just about a month and a half, I’m going to be an auntie! For the first time ever!

I got to do some photography for my sister's baby shower. Yes, there were beautiful gifts and the room was insanely amazing, but it was nothing compared to all the love flying around. Baby D is going to be so loved by so many people...

I figure what better way to start out the blog page than with the excitement of so many firsts, so my first (real) post is dedicated to my sister, Jill.

I can’t wait for you to feel unconditional love like only a baby can show you. Give it 2 years and it’s a little more conditional…but we’ll deal with that when it comes. You’re going to look down at Baby D and think, omg…I would actually jump in front of a bus for you. And you would. You’re going to be such an amazing mom, you don’t even know yet. I can’t wait to see that little nugget and feel what you’ve gotten to feel for almost 3 years. You’re going to get to look at that tiny face as you rock him or her to sleep…your arm is going to get numb…then you’ll get an itch on your foot you can’t reach…but for that baby, you’ll stay still. NOT always easy, I say. I can’t wait for you to finally put that angel to sleep, creep slowly away from the crib trying to be totally silent…and then bump into the door…loudly…maybe even hitting your funny bone…or is that just my luck?

Some advice. 

The dishes can wait. The housework can wait. Just snuggle. Trust me, it’ll all still be dirty when you’re done snuggling. Actually, it’ll all probably always be dirty. 

When someone says “sleep when he (or she) sleeps”…hand them the dish soap and laundry detergent, pat them on the shoulder and say, “the washer and dryer are over there”.  

Allow yourself to bitch. It’s not always perfect…it’s not always a miracle. Sometimes they really did just shit on you. Sometimes you forget the diapers. Sometimes they won’t sleep. Sometimes you’re sleep deprived and can’t human. It’s ok to admit, in that moment, it’s not completely magical. BUT…you’ll go through it all and stay sane because that little baby is magical. And so worth it all. 

Number 1 piece of advice.

Remember you’re doing great. If you ever think you’re not a good mom, remember that a bad mom wouldn’t worry about not being a good mom. Everything you do will be what you think is best. You can look it up all you want, you can research and plan it out. But until you’re in that situation, you don’t know what you’ll do. You’ll know what to do. I know you will because you’re an amazing auntie and you’re going to be the best mommy ever. 

Sometimes you’ll need help…and that’s ok. That’s where Kelsey and I come in. I can’t wait to do for you what you’ve done for me. For now, all I can offer you in pictures, so enjoy 🙂 

Click Monroe's nose for the full portfolio! 

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