Ladies and gentlemen!

If you need a last minute Christmas gift…or just a cool gift in should check out my friend Jenna’s mandala rocks!

As many of you know, my good friend Jenna was diagnosed last year with breast cancer. She’s been a champion, an amazingly strong and impressive woman, so much stronger than I could ever imagine being. She’s found a creative outlet to help deal with the side effects of chemo and I couldn’t be happier for her.

When creativity can distract you from your woes, that’s a plus. When creativity can distract you from CHEMO…that’s a blessing. Jenna has fallen in love with painting these rocks and in love with the healing effect they’re having on her. Luckily for her, she also found out she has a massive talent for painting these mandalas. I mean talented.

She just recently decided to start selling these beauteous painted rocks…lucky you!

For custom orders by Jenna, email her! Or to read the more eloquently detailed story of these rocks as told by miss Jenna herself, visit her blog

A portion of the proceeds are going to Dana Farber!  








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