I really do. I love making websites.

Right now, I’m in love with my own website…but it wasn’t always that way and I definitely attribute anything good I have going on now to the opportunities I’ve had thus far. 

Funnily enough, the website I consider “my baby” is The Jetty website.

I remember having a table while waitressing, like 72 years ago, leaving the restaurant because we no longer offered a menu item they saw on the website. I marched right into my boss’ office and demanded she update the menu. A little aggressive, I agree, but necessary.

I told her I had 2 websites (my photography site that was in no shape to be bragging about, and a blog that I SWEAR will see the light of day someday), and I’d like to take a look. Magically, she let me take over. I didn’t make it originally, but I knocked down the pages and built it back up to a functioning, informational, easy to navigate website. Less aesthetically fun than the ones I do now, but super fun nonetheless. The Jetty site taught me the importance of ease of use and structure. I made all the graphics and took all the pics of the site so I’ve been super involved and it’s very near and dear to my heart. Does that sound weird? I still manage it and I love it 🙂 Check it out! (Ps the events page has all the bands and if you come to The Jetty, I’ll bring you a drink. Not on me, but I’ll bring it to you)

Meg and Roe Photography.

My site, which one would assume would be “my baby”, has evolved a solid 400x since originally making it. I mean, when it’s yours, you can kind of mess around and not worry anyone’s going to be mad if you eff it up. I started it with Bluehost and WordPress (and have stayed loyal to them throughout all my websites since), but I was clueless when it came to themes and back-end nonsense…I’m still kind of clueless. All I knew was that I needed a place for people to go to see my photography (which was like a solid 4 shoots at the time) and find a way to contact me. Super easy navigation, super straight forward, cute pics of kids…that was my winning combo there.

I’ve since figured it out…I think. After doing the website I’m about to talk about next, because it was so inspiring and taught me so much over this winter, I decided to do my site over as well. I’m super psyched about how it came out.

My daughter, aka Monroe is all over it, and my niece, Emerson, makes a cameo as my March Mini sign up model. I’m in love with how seamless and easy it is…and I’m so thankful for the sites I’ve made that helped me learn how to make it seamless!

Enter Sunshine Daydream Art.

This girl I know, we’ll call her Katie…because that’s her name, is the most insanely talented artist you know. Ok, you might not know her, but you wish you did. Anyway, she posted on facebook that she was in search of someone to take over/manage/fix/whatever her existing site. Now, you have to understand…the visual pleasure you get from her art is incredible…homegirl NEEDS a site that inspires. Her site was on Wix…and no disrespect, but no…and her url was just plain silly.

Enter Meg.

I urged her to let me start over with my homies Bluehost and WordPress and we went from there. She drew the badass logo, I went to her studio to get some pics (being a photographer is super helpful sometimes)…and it was magic. I got some great pics for the site, and the rest is history. Well, more like present, but it WILL be history someday… 

All the cool designs and paint pics are hers! Oh come on. Just look at this newsletter sign up! 

So that’s it! All my thoughts on web design! Hope you enjoyed!

Email me if you need me! 

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