I was so ambitious earlier.

My brilliant idea for tonight was to show you my studio. I had grand plans of taking pics of all my new newborn stuff and all the props I’ve bought or made, I was going to put up the backdrop for my cake smash session coming up and show you all the set ups…then I realized I’m a super loud person and I was right under the room Monroe’s sleeping in. Plan foiled.

SO…instead I’m going to tell you all about my happy place : my workshop.

People are always asking me where I do all my crafts. I’m legit making things around the clock. I love projects and having a designated space to create whatever I want is magical. This place…is magical. I have yarn and fabric and paint and embroidery hoops (kind of an unreasonable amount), I have scrapbooking paper (though I don’t even scrapbook) and wood and saws and drills and paint (did I say paint already?) and basically…Michael’s himself would be like…chill out.

My workshop has been my biggest project yet.

The workshop to me symbolizes the growth from before I knew what I wanted to now and everything I’ve worked so hard for. This place did NOT gut itself, it did NOT clean itself, and it did NOT put itself back together. That was all me. This before picture is the result of 23 years of 3 sisters living in a big house…it was the catch all room. There are 2 sides and both were filled with so much “stuff” it was ridiculous. Mostly my fault, I’m sure, but still…it was an undertaking. What I have now makes it so worth it it’s not even funny.

It’s my space to think, to create, to relax, to write, to do work, to have fun. Roe loves it too!

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