When life gets blurry,
adjust the focus.

Now that the nonsense of winter and St. Patrick’s Day are over, I’m super psyched to start focusing on sessions again! In the upcoming weeks, I’m looking forward to setting up some mini sessions. Everything’s tentative right now, but I want to get the conversation started! Ps…I’m considering trying to put together an Easter mini, so email me if you want to try to fit that in and we get an opportunity!

As for Spring Mini Sessions…

I have too many ideas but I think I’ve narrowed it down. At the moment, I’m working on a flower shop/garden theme, a boho teepee theme, and possibly a lemonade stand…although that sounds ambitious and might have to wait until closer to summer.

Flower Shop/
Garden theme

I have quite the array of garden themed background items. Also, I have an unreasonable amount of flowers from Michael’s that are just dying to be models in a photoshoot. I’m in the process of building a shop stand with “flowers for sale” or something of that nature. Also also, Roe found a metal bicycle that fit the scene perfectly. “Oh mama, this would be poooooorfect for a photoshoot,” my business partner told me…I’m pretty sure she’s not wrong. As per usual…there will be floral headbands involved.

Boho Teepee

Ok, we all know boho is my jam, so it’s not even slightly surprising I’ve been planning it for a while. I don’t even want to describe what’s in my head…let’s just say it’s a boho teepee theme. Very light, airy, colorful, amazing. This would be perfect for kids and I think family shoots. I have it stuck in my head that it would be perfect for mommy/daughter sessions. Oh and those floral headbands from the floral mini theme…oh yes, that will most likely make in appearance in these too.

Lemonade stand. You seem smart…I don’t think I need to explain this. 

So when exactly are we doing these minis?

If I had 1 wish…besides world peace, of course…it would be to know the future forecast. That’s where contact is key. I plan on jumping on any nice day I can, so it’s great when I’ve already made tentative plans with clients!


Nautical themed shoots mid-late April! With whales!

Not real whales…don’t worry. 

I have a few shoots coming up that will be nautical themed in the middle/end of April. 1 is a birthday smash cake session, the other a newborn session with a whale. These will likely be in-studio and most suitable for small small children.

Want to be in on the happenings?

I’ll keep you posted on the goings ons here at Meg and Roe Photography and any last minute plans I have!

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