No matter what Mother Nature keeps telling us, spring is coming.
And you know what comes after spring? Summmmmerrrrrrr!

I’m so excited to be shooting outside again soon, but, for now, I want to take advantage of the 2 studio set ups I have going on. I have 1 room with a white washed wood background and another with a white brick background. I love them because they’re so customizable. I have quite the array of props and set ups of all different colors and kinds. Trust me, there is no end to the amount of seemingly useless things I make…and then use for photoshoots.

This is not exclusively for kiddos minis…families, headshots, and whatever else are also available. I’d love love LOVE to set up some mini sessions with these set ups whilst gearing up for all those lovely beach shoots.

Interested in a summer or outside shoot instead?
Check out my full portfolio here,
but here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks!

And just to brighten your day, remember that these shoots will be possible soon!

Remember nice weather?

My first shoot ever. No joke.

photography by Meg and Roe at
That time when I started photography and didn’t have clients…so I did this portrait for this bee.

If you’re interested in a mini session or a full session,
contact me to start chatting!

Hope to hear from you soon! Happy snapping!


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