I legit feel like I got my senior photos done like yesterday. I vaguely remember it vividly. I was super awkward and weird…like how I used “was” there? I wore a plain shirt because I was told to. Got m’hair highlighted and apparently, looking at the picture, applied some eyeliner. I sat there for some photographer without talking…an accomplishment for me, sat in awkward poses one would never actually sit in, even laid on my belly and put my head in my hands. I took an official “senior photo” for the yearbook to represent me. But when I look at that picture…not that I sit around looking at my own picture..I don’t really see me. I see me trying to look like a picture I’m supposed to have. 

I love photography because I love making people feel comfortable and drawing their personality out. I understand, kids. I did it. I felt super awkward and stupid and oddly quiet too. But I think it might not have to be like that. 

I’m so excited to get to do some senior photos this year. Last year I jumped into the game a tad late and missed out on the fun. Throughout the last year, so many people have been like, “omgoodness I wish you did my daughter’s senior photos!” But, at the time, they didn’t know I even offer that. Maybe I didn’t even know. But now that I get to do some, it’s so fun! 

Here’s advice I would give any kid about to get theirs done.

BE YOURSELF. Wear what you think represents you at this moment in time. I mean, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too distracting from your beauteous face, but make sure you at least like it and not TOOOOOOO trendy. Don’t get me wrong, I love those lime green plaid bellbottoms from The Limited Too I had in 7th grade, but I’m glad those got packed away long ago…that was a trend. Plain is better in terms of color so it doesn’t overtake the photo, but we all feel better and look better when we’re confident in what we’re wearing. DON’T TRY TOO HARD. Don’t spend hours putting every hair in place. It doesn’t look natural. Set it up as best you can, but understand that it’s summer and it gets windy and if your heart is too set on your hair looking perfect, you’re going to be disappointed. Perfectly coifed looks fake anyway…be human. And for make up? Let’s just say all I see in my senior photo is eyeliner. Maybe I wore it for a period of time in high school before I came to the realization that it’s just not for me, but I wish I hadn’t put so much on! It’s literally all I see when I glance at that picture. I laugh every time though, so at least there’s an upside. 

Basically, be you, get ready as you would any other day, don’t try too hard, trying too hard is for prom night. And try and have fun…it’s just pictures. 


1 hour session

1 location

1 wardrobe change

Online gallery of all edited, high-resolution photos

Free download of any and all

No prints

Option to purchase prints through gallery


2 hour session

2 locations

Unlimited wardrobe changes

Online gallery of all edited, high-resolution photos for free download

Option to purchase prints through gallery

Included prints

8x10 - 1
5x7 - 2
4x6 - 2
8 wallets (2.25x3.25”) - 1

A la carte prints available, sizes and prices to come!


I'm really excited to get to update my senior photos portfolio soon and even more with a few upcoming shoots this week, so stay tuned for more and email me if you'd like to chat about your senior photos!


Have a great day 🙂

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