It’s always exciting to get a new inquiry for a session. Always. I love it…I immediately start thinking of the places we can go or sets I get to build or wardrobe to suggest…it really awakens the passion I have for photography every inquiry I get. It doesn’t matter how they found me…maybe they saw something I’ve done on facebook, sometimes they’ve google searched photogphraphers, I was lucky enough to be featured in the Boston Moms Blog Guide to Boston-area Photographers last year…maybe they came from there…

BUT, more often than not, they’ve come from a past client. 

I love you guys!

I can’t tell you how much it means to us (ok, me…Roe doesn’t seem to bothered with where business is coming from) to have someone that was so happy with their photos that they suggested us to their friend. It’s by far the highest compliment to a photographer and I love every single 1 of my clients who have sent someone my way.

The Referral Program

Because so many of my clients have helped me out like this, I want to show my appreciation. So I’ve started a 10.10.10 Referral Program.
Every client will receive a card at the end of their session explaining this…

For Every New Client You Refer, You Get:


10% off your next session
Your friend gets $10 of their session
You both get 10% off prints
(You’ll get a card with a promo code for your discount on prints at your session!)

I can’t thank my past clients enough for being so supportive and I can’t wait to see you again! 

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