1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression…

…and every single 1 of them looks different.

This project is going to be a collection of portraits of women either struggling with Postpartum Depression or who have come out on the other side.

This is about giving a struggling mama something to look forward to, something to get ready for, and a glimpse of how amazing she really is.

I want to show the mamas out there they’re not alone, show everybody that it can be behind any face, and show each mama in the project how beautiful they are.

Will you join my project?

Click on the logo circle below to email me, or fill out the contact form at the end of this post! I’m aiming for March, but who knows these days! It’s just 1 session and the details will be worked out once I have the amazing ladies set up.

Why does this mean so much to me?

(well, amongst other things…)


Just so we’re clear… 

  • I use sarcasm as a coping mechanism for…pretty much every emotion. This is a serious thing, but it’s just the way I talk. Carry on. 
  • I am in no way a doctor or psychologist. When I went to work at the hospital, they said, “you don’t work here, stop coming here, you take pictures”. So this is all based on my own thinking and experience with mental illness. 
  • Anything else that could get me in trouble…we’ll blame on Covid? 

Last year I had a mom come in for newborn photos she was having a hard time. It was beyond overwhelm, it was beyond whatever literal thing had frustrated her, it was just too much. We talked for a while I understood more and I was so so sooooo excited to get her gorgeous photos to her. Her reaction was definitely touching…she didn’t see the monster she pictures in her head. You could see how much she loved her new squishy daughter and, in my opinion, it was way more important that she saw that love.

In my opinion, 1 of the worst things about PPD (I’m sure you figured out that that’s postpartum depression…) is that it has way more than 1 face.

It’s not always easy to detect because women deal with it differently. It’s so easy to blame everything on lack of sleep, on the “baby blues” or the general overwhelm of being badass and bringing life into this world!

Unfortunately, so many women don’t even discuss it and deal in silence. So many feel guilty for not feeling that “magic” that people talk about…or not good enough…or worse.

I can’t IMAGINE struggling with something so negatively consuming in the unprecedented times we’re in. Getting yourself to do something that could help is hard enough when struggling with this demon…but to not even have the option? We all know fresh air and socialization and all that are splendid for you…and just like that, even those options are taken away.

But, this has to end someday. Isn’t my optimism adorable? Seriously…PPD is temporary and there’s so much more after. 

What you get…

If I can offer even an hour session of sarcasm and laughter to get out of your head, I’d be happy. If you get photos you love, I’d be happy. If it gets people talking, you guessed it…I’d be happy. I don’t know what would make you happy so all I can offer is photos…but really good photos 🙂 

Fill this here fancy form out even if just to ask for more info!

So let's get talking!

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