So this page is all about what's happening in my little photography world, so...

I went to Lowe's today and got PVC pipes and made a rather awesome backdrop stand...yes, I forgot to get 2 of the pipes, but what I DIDN'T forget will do just fine for now. I'm excited about a lot of the sets and props I've been collecting over the past year...lots of vintage, shabby chic nonsense that really only makes sense for photo shoots, and it's all magical. 

I'm so excited to use my champagne colored sequin backdrop and I just got an old trunk I'll be painting...maybe coral? Who knows. Don't worry, my fabric flowers and headbands are alive and kickin', I'm just big into sets right now.

I'm planning some mini sessions coming up with a few themes : 

lemonade stand (kids) 
kissing booth (kids) 
boho living room 
teepee (kids...or really small adults) 

and a few others I can't think of right now. But just to prove I really did make my backdrop myself...


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