To Mini or Not to Mini

Or maybe “when to mini?” is the question…

I’m in the process of doing my studio room over and I so desperately want to hold inside mini sessions for Valentine’s Day, but is that too soon? I love creating set ups for kids and I’ve begun the planning process, but I’m not sure how practical my efforts are.

To be clear, this post isn’t even relevant unless this is even permitted.

But, if so, When would you all be comfortable booking an indoor session? I’m trying to get an idea of people’s likeliness to book.


Since the world is in such a state of uncertainty, I don’t want to bank on Valentine’s Day minis happening, so I’ve chosen a theme that could go that way if it works out, but also symbolizes happiness and blossoming, like we all want to do…yet can’t. I have these backdrops, to give you a vague vague gist of the look, but I’ll most likely go with a white wall set up with a few accents.


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