“You’re not stuck inside, you’re safe inside ♥” 

(-some quote I read on facebook)

This is a weird time…but, by the looks of what I’ve seen this first week of houses for the #frontstepsproject, there’s a lot of love in all these quarantined houses. I loved capturing families and a kind of togetherness no one has ever experienced before. I’m grateful for the firrst bunch of houses that welcomed me into their family (from a strict 6′, obviously), and have donated to the Marshfield Food Pantry…something good should come from all hard times. And if I can do something to give people a reason to smile, sign me up.

When you’re welcomed by these faces, how can I not extend the offer? 

Can’t wait to show up at YOUR door! 

What you get!

These sessions will be treated exactly as I would a normal session.
After the session, probably within the week,
you’ll be emailed a link to your online gallery
and you can download straight from there!

Easy peasy!


Any amount is amazing, but there is a $25 suggested donation that will be going to the Marshfield Food Pantry

To get your house on the map, email me!

I’m taking addresses up until Thursday night to give me time to map out Friday’s and Saturday’s routes and give people approximate time slots!

And in case I haven’t said it in a while…

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