Well hello and happy April!

So, in past posts, I’ve been talking about these mini sessions a lot and have been advertising vaguely. I like to stay mysterious, ya see…that and I didn’t have everything prepared.
Well yesterday I made a lot of progress out in the yard and I’m loving how it’s shaping up.

Though I have minis going on this Thursday and Sunday,
I’m going to extend the offer another couple of weeks because weather is so…New England..

I just love this set. I loved building everything and painting everything. The colors are gorgeous and my backyard is super spacious so I have a lot of layout options.
Also, I think the bike is the best thing that’s ever happened to this world, so there’s that…

Also, some models that didn’t make the cut in the ad are super cute and will be great for the littles to sit. These would be great for siblings and such, especially the settee!
The wagon, as I learned after assembling it, should NOT be used to pull a child. Or even a single flower…that thing is not as sturdy as I was expecting so my dreams of big sibling pulling little sibling (or at least posing like that) will sadly never happen. But gosh darn it isn’t it pretty? Well, filled with flowers it will be 🌸

If you could see what was behind me taking this photo, you’d probably think I have a fake flower addiction. I can’t wait to load everything up with colorful flowers and watch kids play 🌹 As of now, it’s all coming together nicely and I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks.  

Want to see your kid in the flower shop? I’m offering these minis throughout April, dates pending weather. Email me to set something up!

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