Feeling inspired today, people!

Not gonna lie…

I haven’t done a blog post in a while because I’ve felt stuck lately. As it turns out, not doing anything about that doesn’t actually fix it…in fact, it makes it harder to jump back in.

I read a quote once that read “imperfect action is better than perfect inaction” and it really stuck with me. It even got me over a few bumps in the road with photography when I was too scared to leap for fear I wouldn’t leap perfectly. (And ps I was a gymnast so my standards on perfect leaps are high)

I’m glad I got over my whole ridiculous perfectionism thing and started this whole business thingy and I’m glad I had a great shoot last week in Boston that has lit a fire under my bum to write this post!

(and obviously make the quote pretty…)

The Boston shoot.

So why was this shoot so magnificent? Well, other than loving the photos and having a very happy client, it got me reminiscing about other on location shoots that I’ve loved in the past. Let’s be honest, it’s not a bummer that my own town has some gorgeous locations, and my own backyard (literally) has been backdrop to many, many a family photo at this point, but I think it’s so awesome to find somewhere new and unexpected. 

Here’s a super brief gallery of some shoots on location!

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scituate lighthouse

quincy quarry

rexhame river

rexhame beach

rexhame beach

Meg and the city.

Get it? Like Sex and the City? But with a wildly different plotline…in this story I traveled into Boston for 2 shoots last week and realized it’s quite the gem of a city. After living in NYC for so long, I can’t seem to grasp the whole car in the city idea, but I got over that and had 2 great shoots. Both families were visiting from out of town and so lovely to work with. 

I loved the weepy trees in The Public Garden and I think Acorn Street speaks for itself. I’m so used to meadows and beaches and such, it was nice to mix it up with some city shots.
(which look amazing in black & white, btw)

Some shots from Boston last week!

No items were found matching your selection.

But that’s stillllll not even my favorite shoot to-date!

Well color me happy!

I definitely don’t have a concrete favorite shoot thus far, but I can honestly say that the Grossman family made me extremely happy when they took me up on my unconventional suggestion to shoot in the graffiti-filled Quincy Quarry. Like, extremely happy.

It was meant to be.

I actually had no idea what I was talking about…I had never been there. But I couldn’t be more happy we took the chance. THE COLORS WERE MAGICAL. Badass family + badass graffiti = some of my fav shots ever. 

That shoot made me happy in my heart ❤️

Honestly, I guess whether I’m shooting in the city, in my backyard, on a beach or at someone’s house…I’m happy in my heart…it just took a little reflecting to realize that 💜


Got a spot you’d love to shoot at? Email me!

That’s all for now…

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